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Lion Killer

I’m new to twitter. Does this mean you made this tweet and he retweeted? Cool!

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Billy Preston a Mcdonald's All American

@BeddieKU23 Those schools exist in their current form because of the current AAU system. They don’t compete in their state organizations (public or private) and they primarily play tournaments agaisnt other basketball factories. Those basketball factory schools are nothing but a different form of AAU ball.

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Gameday Thoughts

getting ready for the game tonight-replayed the 12/13 ot win. elijah was on FIRE that night. almost felt bad for the clones, we didn’t help them with the 23rd in a row win. never mind-i’m over the sadness!

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Anyone have a sparre boot?/foot

@ralster Great post. Over 30 years of winning KU Basketball. There is a lot to appreciate there in itself. For me, I enjoy watching the Jayhawks play. I enjoy every win and try to get over every loss as soon as possible.

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2018 Recruiting


Mason’s hs stats were pretty damn good. But HS stats are mostly meaningless.

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Aaron Rogers

@Kcmatt7 Should be a really good game this coming weekend. - -your right for sure, our defense is average at best - - I would have to say the other teams best defense against us ( THE PACK ) is - -keep Aaron off the field.

He came in with the score tied with 0:35 left in the 4th quarter - -takes a vicious hit on 2nd down, and like Colin Howard said this morning on the TV they talk about having QB’S with big hands - -Aaron being able to hang onto that ball after getting blasted, then gets up brushes himself off and what does he do? - - 3& 2o - -typical Aaron maybe I’m just getting so used to seeing this kind of play from Aaron.

It’s going to be a shootout again but for my team where we have just been crippled ALL YEAR in our secondary finding ways to win.- -The only thing that really scares me is Gunther our DB he was getting ate up all day yesterday - -we need to get our starters back lol - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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2017 Spring Game

@kjayhawks I watched the last one on television and wished I was at the game the whole time. It’s Jayhawk football in April. Nice. When KU played basketball in Korea, it was great to get an early start on the basketball season. By attending the spring game, I hope to get an early start on the 2017 football season. RCJH

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Venezuela's Socialist Disaster - the theft of a country's wealth

@KUSTEVE I’ve posted before the names of many of the “buttock-orifices” in Follywood who strongly supported and stood side-by-side with Chavez. And the idiots today would say that we would take the mistakes of previous failed attempts at socialism and do it better. They all need glass bellybuttons installed so they can see where they’re going.

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Moose should be next

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Sleazy and New Orleans Pelicans?

Six hundred wins and counting.

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KuBuckets T-Shirts

Just got mine (in blue) as a birthday gift…looks great!

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A request.

@globaljaybird I dunno. has me scratching my head. but bedtime now, will have to wait.

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If you can't log in

@approxinfinity Well, one good thing is I am sure many of us are looking at our own neglected backups… Get well, BTW. We need you!

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testing something


I believe the NSA could do that…without your knowledge. 😄

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Rolling with the old for now.

Thanks approx.! Keeping this site going keeps us going. Not sure what I’d do without it for my Jayhawks hoops fix.

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