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KD offered 28 mill for 10 yrs from UA-Good guggamugga !!

I'm not a big UA guy, but I will say that I really respect the work and effort that they went to in building that company literally from the ground up. It's a great story about perseverance, hard work and patience.

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Perfect Three Man Recruiting Class?

I finally took the time to really check out Stephen Zimmerman. My thoughts:

First things first, he's a lefty big man, which you rarely see. That's intriguing all by itself. He's a little thin on the frame, but I think he could fill out, so its not a huge negative. Definitely something to watch for as he goes through his senior year, though. I'd like to see him closer to 260 than the 235-240 he is right now.

Positives: He's very agile and mobile for his size. If he's a legit 7-0 (and he looks it) he moves extremely well. He's very fluid in his movement, which is important since he's a pretty tall, lanky kid. He has some explosion in his body, which allows him to finish in traffic even though he doesn't look very strong. He has a nice shooting stroke out to at least 17, maybe even a bit further. I could definitely see him developing touch out to the three point line if he doesn't already have it, because the mechanics are excellent. Great footwork in the post suggests that his is either very gifted naturally or has been coached extremely well. Knows how to use his head fakes, up and unders, etc. Can high point the ball on defense to get blocks. Handles the ball well on offense, although there is the danger that he thinks he is a better ball handler than he actually is.

Negatives: His body is probably not quite D1 ready. Very little muscle tone and quite thin. He will need to develop a lot of strength, especially in his lower half, or he will get pushed around in the post by smaller (but stronger) players. Does everything with the left hand. I watched several highlight videos and didn't see a single righty block or layup. He also tries to put the ball on the floor more than you would like to see from a big man.

Overall: I think a lot of Zimmerman, honestly. When I watched his highlights I had a flashback to something I saw back in the late 1990's. I don't think he is nearly as polished, but watch and tell me that his shooting and ball handling don't look similar. I think if he can add a little weight and strength, he is almost certainly an OAD player. He may stay two years to get his body ready, though.

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Newell: KU basketball's disappearing stat

Jesse's provided another great analysis of the team...

Newell: KU basketball's disappearing stat

Steals figure to be even more valuable for KU this season, as the Jayhawks don’t appear to have a dominant shot-blocker inside following the departure of Joel Embiid.

Adjusted defensive efficiency from is considered the gold standard when judging a team’s effectiveness defensively. The following chart shows KU’s national rank there compared to its national ranks in block percentage and steal percentage each year (the lower the line, the better the defense).


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How good has the Big 12 been really?

@icthawkfan316 said:> You mention the references to our streak during television broadcasts. Outside of KU fans, who do you think that impresses?

This is a fair question.

I suspect the conference championships are more salt in the wound of our conference-mates than a point of admiration nationally.

The things that are probably most impressive to those outside of the B12 bubble are (in this order):

Number of recent players now in the NBA and their corresponding draft ranking Overall winning percentage of Bill Self at KU KU's historic winning percentage and rank (#2) in all-time wins. KUs 3/5 national championships the shoe company (nod to Jaybate)

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KU's Sophomore Point Guards

@globaljaybird I think you make a good point. From the PG perspective, my pet peeve is when PG's don't deliver the ball when the defense helps on penetration -- the Tyshawn Taylor blinders. When a defender or defenders move to help, the PG has to have the knack to drop the ball to the open player. And, importantly, the PG has to understand the correct type of pass given the situation -- it is what made RRob and Chalmers so good. When they penetrated, they delivered the right type of pass given the situation. On penetration, I think the best perspective for a PG is to look first for the dish, and second for his own finish. TT never did that. He was "shoot first" come hell or high water. I think this really limited his effectiveness throughout his career. My hope is that Mason will continue his trend of becoming more of the distributor.

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Jayhawk Sports News Feeds From Various Sources
KU football moving forward without top two backs

@kubuckets It would be an awesome idea to take the one standout player on defense (Heeney) and put him in a position to get hurt too.......

Still can't find that sarcasm font.

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Will shorter play calls lead to better offense for KU football?

LAWRENCE — With 97,105 fans roaring at Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Kansas offensive lineman Mike Smithburg couldn’t get close enough to Jake Heaps in the huddle.

“We couldn’t hear anything,” Smithburg said. “We had to nonverbally communicate. That was probably the worst.”

Making things even tougher on KU’s first drive against Texas last season was the fact that Heaps had a lot to say.

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Former KU guard Andrew White will transfer to Nebraska

Strange bounce.

AW3...we hardly knew ye.

The B1G will be a good smash mouth ride!

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KU wideout McCay still trending up

LAWRENCE — The Kansas coaching staff believes senior wide receiver Justin McCay had a pretty strong spring.

McCay, however, isn’t buying it.

“What they see is something different than what I see,” McCay said.

The KU coaches watched McCay start spring ball a bit slow before showing enough improvement to earn a starting spot over Rodriguez Coleman at X when the first fall depth chart was released.

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What's YOUR Excitement Level?

@brooksmd Again, thank you so much for your kind thoughts and words of solace. You are dead right-it is not fair that they are gone so soon. He was just a fireball & sweetheart rolled into one big furry pushover. At times they almost seem divine in the comfort & exhilaration they so effortlessly & willingly render to your soul, the courage they ardently present without question at a moments notice, or their ability to create that special little room in your heart and home that becomes so quiet & empty when they leave. All that they really ever ask for is your approval & praise & I did that to his final breath. Woodrow was just in Heaven when he knew he pleased you. Even a ill as he was his last day, he growled at my vet & approached when I brought him in the front door. It has become increasingly so much more difficult for me to let them go through the years, it will not be an easy decision for me to take on another. At our age brooks, we are living & walking proof that time can heal many deep & painful wounds, but I just don't know if I've enough remaining to endure this again. Thanks so much again for the lift of spirit-it does help my friend, it truly does.

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New Uniforms...

The helmet is ok, but I've never been a fan of single color uni's. Hate 'em. Especially teams that wear all black. And while I'm griping, who in the hell came up with the no sleeve jerseys? FUGGGGGLY. But then I hate players wearing their pant legs above the knee. I'm done.

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Talk about whatever you want.
A nice poem/tribute to Robin Williams

Someone sent me a link to Robin performing on Johnny Carson's second to last broadcast. That tells me Johnny held Robin's special talent in very high regard.

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Message of the Day Quotes Part III

What is a soul? It's like electricity - we don't really know what it is, but it's a force that can light a room.

Ray Charles

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Feature content from site members.
Potential Bill Self Successors...

@JayHawkFanToo this is a lil outside the box for me, but I don't mind they trash talked him. Hmmm

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USA Today All-American lists

Wiggins 2nd team. Embiid and Smart Honorable Mention.

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Answers to frequently asked questions.
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Tips for the New KU Buckets site

I added a News Feeds category and I pulled feeds from cjonline, kusports and wichita eagle, but only the cjonline one worked correctly. I'm reaching out to Gary Bedore about the kusports feed as I believe it should work with a small change on their end, and I'll see what I can do about wichita eagle one. This should be a really nice way of pulling our news from other sites in real time without having to manually do it.

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Confirmation email issues

@approxinfinity been many things but never a missing link!! Lol

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Message of The Day Quotes

@parishawk definitely. It's a bear getting to the end. Let's lock this thread and move on.

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