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Championship Rings are in

Jayhawk logo is messed up on the ring… outline should be white not black. Looks like sh*t.

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Good News for Perry Ellis


Summer league is exactly the WRONG PLATFORM for Perry to show his worth. Developmental ball is all about guys just doing 1-on-1 in loose ball. Perry is polished, but needs to do it within a formal offense.

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I was on this a few months ago when I posted that we should expect a big turn out at Late Night. Well… looks to be the case.

The second part of my vision was that we would sign several players in the fall signing period. I still think that will be the case. Just everything lined up to make that happen… from our shiny new digs to the 50-caliber hole shot through our roster after this year.

I will be shocked if we don’t end our recruiting season with a top 5 ranking.

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It's Time for the 4-point Fast Break Layup!


I love your vision! Bring it, daddy!

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Will Bill Fastbreak More with Better Rebounding and Guards with After Burners?


I’m feeling it!

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Huge Game for KU Volleyball in Austin

@jayballer54 Ya I was just getting ready to post we had fallen in the fourth set 19-25. Still got a long ways to go this season just keep working and we will get them again in Lawrence.

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Kansas city star on KU FB and chancellor

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Nice view

Another one from lawrenceimage.jpeg

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Les Miles Fired at LSU

After a 2-2 Start with a team that returned about everyone that was preseason #5 in the land. LSU decided to make a move on their coach of 12 years, Miles did win a NC in 07. We all remember his time at OK State. Interesting if stuff doesn’t work for Beaty in a few years we could have some good options.

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Sleazy and New Orleans Pelicans?


Hey, 'bate 1.0, I was too hard on ya.

@jaybate 1.0

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KuBuckets T-Shirts

Just got mine (in blue) as a birthday gift…looks great!

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Answers to frequently asked questions.
Ugly Christmas sweaters

This place doesn’t have any sweaters. They have them in stock at one of the Rally houses in Olathe I visited if you still want one @tubertigertank

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Tips for the New KU Buckets site

@approxinfinity Great work, Thank You.

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Images not loading

@benshawks08 Here are a couple of ideas for Windows 7, Int Explorer 11: Check your browser settings and see if you have disabled something for security protection. (Maybe check your firewall to see if it is blocking things, or your AV program. Might need to identify a Trusted site or something.) In Explorer you have to quit it completely and restart it if you make changes. Have you upgraded to the latest Java update? (Don’t agree to any toolbars you don’t want in this process, by the way.) Finally, does the page load otherwise ok but with only markers for the pictures? Or does it say something about certain things not loading? I know nothing about Firefox. (Actually, I just use my phone for the Board, but all the thing discussed above have helped with other sites.)

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YECH! Site outage.

@approxinfinity Beware of ISIS hackers…This - - is a top story & very interesting article from the MSN homepage today. Should this ever come to fruition the results could be catastrophic.

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