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Carlton Bragg Arrested

@Crimsonorblue22 Hope not … but CJ went packing …

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ISU Upset as well as Saint Mary's

@wissox No love from Mama when a baby. Makes some feel badly but he’s always after the garbage & shows when lights are dim. Cockroach lookin for crumbs…been like this since he’s signed on. Just ignore him or wait for jaybate to verbally undress him.

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Yankuba Sima to Transfer


I think he is pretty solid from what I’ve seen. Better coaching would help him. 6’11’’ and athletic. No idea if KU will contact him or vice versa.

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Predictions for Nebraska

@kjayhawks 88-64 sounds about right.

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Why Kansas’ big-man issues haven’t affected team’s scoring at rim

Thanks for sharing brotato chip.

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Conference Championship games


Yes there was a lot of talk about that. We’ll see if the Big-12 gains from adding the championship. I have to think Baylor’s issue and TCU being down had a lot to do with a Big-12 team missing it this year. OU would have made it if they could have beaten Ohio St at home.

It changes every year, this year was the year of the Big-10. Next year it could be another issue that becomes the latest thing.

The Big-10 situation was something I don’t think will happen often with the current system.

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Well almost time

No question it was an extremely disappointing loss but the girls had an incredible season and one they can be proud of and one to build upon.

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Spam Spam Spam Spam.. Spammity Spam

@wrwlumpy Sounds like the school teacher I once knew, if ya couldn’t do it right she made you do it over, & over & over … Yeah !

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We’re rearranging the deck chairs. We are Venezuela…the whole world is Venezuela …that is our future.

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Sleazy and New Orleans Pelicans?

Six hundred wins and counting.

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KuBuckets T-Shirts

Just got mine (in blue) as a birthday gift…looks great!

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A request.

@globaljaybird I dunno. has me scratching my head. but bedtime now, will have to wait.

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If you can't log in

@approxinfinity Well, one good thing is I am sure many of us are looking at our own neglected backups… Get well, BTW. We need you!

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testing something


I believe the NSA could do that…without your knowledge. 😄

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Rolling with the old for now.

Thanks approx.! Keeping this site going keeps us going. Not sure what I’d do without it for my Jayhawks hoops fix.

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