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Throwing around ideas

As most of you already know KU has been instrumental in just about everything basketball. It was the nursery as basketball was in it's infancy. It watched over the game as it grew and spawned the idea of actually coaching, and teaching the game. It was respectful and thoughtful enough to realize that just picking a champion (east coast basis) (some things never change) was not the best way, and was very instrumental in a tournament (looking out for the game) deciding a true champion. As the game grew KU decided that a party or celebration was in order to show it's love for the game. Late Night was born and the seed was planted. Now a plethora of schools have followed suit. KU has been in the forefront of all things basketball since it's inception. Has that time come again?

With the advancement of technology and social media has come new doors for advertisements to open and make your experience almost hateful. So many sites demand you have a facebook account to just respond. They ask you silly questions like what kind of underwear do you wear, or what do you stick up your ass when your alone. (Sorry about that one) You get my point though. How many fans don't even share their voice because of this hassle?

I'm so glad and feel so lucky to have found KUbuckets. I don't have to answer silly questions about whether I'd buy this or shove this up my ----. LOL. I don't have to have a facebook account to talk about my beloved Jayhawks. My question is KU Buckets the game changer that all fans and not just KU fans have been looking for? Is this the new concept that KU Jayhawks add to the game. A place where fans can come and talk basketball without answering advertisement questions (yes I wanted to say ass again) and having some membership to a social media site?

If this is that moment? What could we do to make this site even better or spawn more sites like it? Could we offer a blueblood section? Where the bluebloods come to argue whose the best? or how do we let more KU fans (as they are everywhere) know there is KUBuckets a place where KU fans can come engage with like minded fans? I would love to here you ideas. BTW I have nothing but respect for those that have created KUBuckets. It's the first site I look at when I turn on my computer. I just thought it would be an interesting topic and the new concept that KU adds to the game.

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User Base Increasing Significantly?

@ralster.........." And just when you think you're out.....they pull you back in. "

.....Steve Van Zandt, ie; Pauley-The Sopranos

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Kansas Point Guard Concerns

@ralster Good stuff HEM. You broke it down with excellence & simple x's & o's for us old folks. Personnel is the key plain & simple & quite joyfully I still have 2 of those UT games on the dvr !! Self's going to play what he thinks is his best hand & after 10 years I expect nothing different. Let's you & I hope that CF, Green, Selden & several others can light up the gym like the aurora borealis with trifectas so Bill becomes a true believer in the hole card.. IMO that's what it will likely take to get out of the offensive predictability he displayed with Wigs & Joel last season. Also in proper perspective, those 08 Hawks had an ass load of plan B's in the arsenal, with at minimum 3 muffin fresh Aces off the bench-Cole, Sherron, & Sasha. Not bad, huh? Three flippin starters on most other teams in the nation IMO, in damn near any year of the past 10. And it's OK to call me homer any time you like, but I just don't like to bury my head in the sand. One more thing, the 08 Davidson team shot lights out the first half & was one friggin dagger away from sending us packing at the end of that game. I was nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin chairs by the time it was over.

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Diamond Stone Evidences Flaw

Bo's gonna get him.

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Svi's summer highlights

You all probably knew this, but I just realized that Bob Hill is an assistant for the Ukrainian team.

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Jayhawk Sports News Feeds From Various Sources
Kevin Haskin: Defense could bolster Jayhawks' hopes

Musings at the mid-week:

■ The unveiling of the new spread attack at Kansas — delayed a week by a scheduling quirk — is almost here.

■ Getting the football into the hands of receivers and scoring points is key.

■ If, for no other reason than to give the Jayhawks defense a chance.

■ KU coach Charlie Weis insists if the offense can produce at a greater clip, the defense will give the Jayhawks more opportunities to win.

■ Love the man’s optimism, wit and candor. I really do. But he carries a 4-20 mark at KU.

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Seven true freshmen expected to play for KU football in opener

+1 HISPN Notification (Note: HISPN Is Your Leading Source for Football, Boxing and Soccer Sports News):

Weis JUCO strategy officially ends--seven true freshman to start.

JUCO players remaining to be designated "false freshman."

(Note: All fiction. No malice.)

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Mills to attend dedication for new Kickapoo walking trail

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Cornerback Kevin Short leaves KU football

They better avoid Point plankn.

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KU quick hits: Weis says Cozart is biggest key to the seasno

LAWRENCE -- Here’s a quick rundown of Kansas coach Charlie Weis’ comments from his Tuesday news conference.

■ Weis said the player who has to improve the most this season for KU to be successful this year is quarterback Montell Cozart.

“For us to win more football games, it starts with the guy with the ball on every play,” Weis said.

Also added that the new offense fits Cozart very well and the play at receiver has helped him improve as well.

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Talk about Kansas University Football and Other Sports..
Silver Lining Alert

Origin: HISN (Head Injury Sports Network--your tertiary source for football, boxing and soccer news)

Dateline: Memorial Stadium, University of Kansas, LarryLand, Kansas, USA, Earth, Milk Way, Known Universe, Post Big Bang, Pre Big Collapse

Slug: KU-Null Set, Bye State-Null Set

KU head coach Charlie Weiss didn't send his Kansas Jayhawks down to defeat against Bye State's Fighting Nothings from Nowhere, USA. Weiss also did not reveal new Offensive Coordinator John Reagan's spread offense designed for the run without its recently injured running backs. KU was not out blocked and out tackled and out run. KU did not lose fan support, nor did it alter its ranking. Coach Weiss did not hold court with media about the non performance. Weiss did not issue any new head injury report. Cheerleaders did not cheer, nor report shin splints. Fans did not tailgate. Students did not sneak flasks into the non game. Every one that did not come to the stadium had a great time. Non Rock Chalk!

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Watch Yo Back OU........

Meanwhile, KU runs a contests to pick which uniform they will wear .. ugh.

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Talk about whatever you want.
Wisconsin vs LSU (Wissox)

Yo, Wissox, looked like your Badgers ran out of gas just before the finish line last night. I turned off the game as it looked like they were gonna do to LSU what Georgia did to Clemson (my son's fav), and watched Hell on Wheels. Switched back occasionally to see how bad it was going to be to find out LSU battled back. Wished I stayed with it.

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Still very early predictions for KUCMB W-L total this season

@Lulufulu85 Nothing wrong with an early loss to a stacked team-unless it is UK.

Early win vs Dookies last year may have given that young of a team a false sense of security in their own abilities. I still think if we don't loose JoJo for the dance, we at minimum make the FF.

Goin' waaaaaaaaay out on the limb with a 36 W season because without key injuries I think we're back to the FF once again. I am also including the 6 wins in the dance to cut down the nets once again. I'm also picking another Self-Cal final with the same results. Holy squid lips Cal, not again !!

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Feature content from site members.
Potential Bill Self Successors...

@JayHawkFanToo this is a lil outside the box for me, but I don't mind they trash talked him. Hmmm

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USA Today All-American lists

Wiggins 2nd team. Embiid and Smart Honorable Mention.

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Answers to frequently asked questions.
KU gets HALF of Big Monday Games on ESPN

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Tips for the New KU Buckets site

I added a News Feeds category and I pulled feeds from cjonline, kusports and wichita eagle, but only the cjonline one worked correctly. I'm reaching out to Gary Bedore about the kusports feed as I believe it should work with a small change on their end, and I'll see what I can do about wichita eagle one. This should be a really nice way of pulling our news from other sites in real time without having to manually do it.

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Please add any site issues or requests here!
Finished work on site

@Crimsonorblue22 You should consider yourself lucky as MINE is NOT showing since the recent changes !!

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Confirmation email issues

@approxinfinity been many things but never a missing link!! Lol

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