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This Or That?

I’m not sure we will ever satisfy the east coast media.

Just look how they have emaciated west coast basketball. There are a few teams west that do okay. Just a few.

I am amazed we have been able to compete at a high level… Most people back east think Kansas is in the far west.

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New thinking on the O side of the ball

@drgnslayr I normally agree with much of what you write; but I disagree about the how dropping the assists percentage is good by being a step to building a new offense and that whipping the ball around the outside is bad and stifles the offense.

Everything that the Golden State Warriors do is not perfect, but they have been used by yourself and others as an example of good offense. The Warriors currently lead the league in assists at almost 30 per game. With the exception of Steph Curry and sometimes Klay Thompson most of their three point offense is the result of assists and people taking positions on the court that maximize their individual shooting ability. Harrison Barnes and now Brandon Rush spend a lot of time in the corners. Draymond Green shoots most of his shots from the elbow extended and the top of the key. Andre Iguodala takes most of his shots from the side. They pass the ball from side to side and over the top constantly and frequently will make the extra pass within the last 3 seconds of the shot clock. And horror of horrors they run a 3 man weave at the top of the key a couple of times a game.

I doubt that anyone would characterize their offense as being less than aggressive.

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Picking the mind of KU fans

Throwing gasoline on the fire.

Conference championships are fine, and KU’s run or dominance over the Big 12 is great. Yet in the same breath KU’s dominance over the Big 12 has down graded it as a weak basketball conference.

Have we not heard the arguments? Well if KU was in the Big 10, ACC, SEC, or Pac they wouldn’t have won so many conference championships.

Look I’m fine with the streak and the dominance KU and coach has shown in the regular season. Yet what I do have a problem with is everybody given Coach a free pass when it comes to the big tournament and his failures. It’s like saying hey coach we’ll give you a free pass if you lose in the second round every year just as long as you win the conference championship.

Bottom line ask yourself this 20 years from know will Espn be doing 20/20’s on KU’s conference success or that UK is making it the final 4 every year? Who will be considered the most dominating program? The program that wins their conference championship every year, or the team that makes it the final 4 every year.

Sorry guys and gals but UK’s loss in the NIT is fading very fast. They are giving the benefit of the doubt and ranked in the top five every year before their stud class ever hits the floor. Also I maybe mistaken but it seems to me they are in the final four every year.

Basketball fans aren’t going to remember how KU dominated the Big 12. Yet I’m pretty sure they all going to remember how UK dominated college basketball.

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Brandon Rush gets to play for injured H.Barnes

No only did Brandon play very well is the last game but everyone associated with the Warriors really like him. The fans appreciate his play and remember how well he played before he blew out his knee. The team really likes him and the Warrior announcers really pull for the guy. What was really great to see was how he was smiling when the fans gave him a big hand after he was substituted for following his 3 point shots in the third quarter. He normally looks rather dour but he lit up like a Christmas tree.

He started in place of the injured Harrison Barnes who may be out 1-2 weeks with a bad ankle sprain. He fills in well for Barnes since both are very good with corner threes. His biggest issue is getting his confidence back and that appears to have now happened.

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James Bond Sends Self Coded Message From His Apple Watch

@drgnslayr What a difference having “naturally aggressive” guards makes when one is trying to do dribble-drive…Mason & Graham, & WUG/Maui edition Selden surely show more aggression than Naadir or EJ. Much more reminiscent of Sherron and Tyshawn now…(which is a great thing!)

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KU vb


Sounds like it was a great game and KU barely lost 3-2. Of course, because of %$#@^#%$# Zenger I was not able to watch it.

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The differenceOk guys, here it is, we are at half

KU started 11 freshmen against Texas. And I know we want Willis to develop, but if he’s not at 100%, he doesn’t need to be playing and risking further injury and hampering his development this year or potentially missing spring practice if he gets injured too badly.

With a groun injury, his mobility is going to be next to nothing and he’s just going to get tee’d off on by defenders. This is the same injury Todd Reesing played with as a senior and KU went winless after he hurt his groin against Colorado when the streak started.

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Talk about whatever you want.
Purple everywhere I look...

@Crimsonorblue22 Nephew, who has been to many KU fb games, was amazed. He said it was like a fb game broke out in the middle of the biggest street party he’s ever seen.

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Fool's gold comment NBA player?

@jaybate-1.0 They have that in spades. I love that team. They have to be my favorite to win it all again this year. No disrespect to any current KU players in the NBA right now but Steph Curry is my favorite player. He wasnt until he started taking off on this interstellar elevation of his game. I mean I just shake my head in amazement at some of the stuff he does! Its Jordanesque. Even better in some ways. Curry seems pretty grounded and from what I remember of Jordan, not so much.

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Sleazy and New Orleans Pelicans?

to et al,

Cal want to go show in worst way, anyway. No mo advantage in talent no mo in D1 mean short shelf life at Kaintuck.

Cal no go show, because show no want Cal.


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KuBuckets T-Shirts

Just got mine (in blue) as a birthday gift…looks great!

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Chinese Spam

@MoonwalkMafia Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Arapahoe, Deutsch, Spanish… it doesn’t matter. I can’t read it, nor do I care to, but I’d sure like to delete it!

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YECH! Site outage.

@approxinfinity - I was looking for Jesus all day yesterday. There was no doubt in my mind that this was the beginning of the Apocalypse.

David Beaty was with me, but he seemed a little more eager…

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