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Next recruit up

@Blown And the freshman Garrett.

I’d hate to see more KU players leave early for the D-league. Sucks

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Here are my thoughts: a writer is being born!

Nice work. I look forward to more.

I’ve strayed too far into politics this season to keep close track of the other D1 teams to add much.

Seen UCLA 4 times on the tube cause wife is a UCLAN and agreed with you at first, but this Lonzo Ball is much better than I first thought. Ucla is like KU has been at times in the pass. Alford, like Self, understands the game deeply, and plays some geeks that don’t look like big time players, but that can do certain things well. UCLA is still tall at the end. Alford’s pint size kid seems the weakest link, but he keeps getting it done. UCLA isn’t a super team, but in a season of top 10 teams all with missing pieces, they seem in the mix.

Maybe all the teams are pretenders this season, but one will win?

Rock Chalk!

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Waco Tribune News

oh wow…so many messageboard tough guys here…what do i do? i’m so scared…better keep my comments to myself and bust out the pom poms! God forbid i say anything objective.

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Anyone Heard Where Hunter Michelson Went this Season?

@JayHawkFanToo Playing in a game and being fully recovered are not the same things, but keep telling yourself that.

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@JayHawkFanToo I for sure understand what you mean about Fran. I mean he was ALL up in Texas butt last night, are we sure he isn’t a TEX alum? lol He gets old really really fast. I mean to a degree he makes some valid points, Ya Tex IS young and I actually see where they are getting better, & Oklahoma is the same way. Both are going to be a lot better next year, But for Tex I think Allen is gone, seems to be the talk, Dam wish we could of got him. - - -Man sis you see his facial over Kamonte OMG umm did he ever take him to school wow., Brought flash backs of Chocolate Thunder on that one lol. But for sure agree about Fran = = =ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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2017 Jayhawk Football

@justanotherfan yep. He has to essentially beat the cupcakes at the beginning and win another big 12 game. He should win 2. And it would be nice to see the road losing streak go.

He has to show something this year though or else the guys that actually give money to the football program might lose their patience.

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Dam another de-commit

Snyder and Mangino both have come out and said that what they learned coaching football in Kansas is that you don’t go after the big boys. They burn you in the end, when you could have easily gotten another 2 or 3 star kid that would have contributed.

We arent going to be able to walk in to Louisiana without LSU defending their own state. They probably laughed when some of those guys committed to KU. If we can keep 2 or 3 of our current Louisiana commits we should consider ourselves extremely lucky. Until we win some games, it will be hard to land any guys without the home state at least throwing their weight around.

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The Venezuelan Socialist Diet

Ever been there? Known a Venezuelan perhaps?

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Happy Valentine's Day!

@RockChalkinTexas the game has come such a long way since then!

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Sleazy and New Orleans Pelicans?

Six hundred wins and counting.

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KuBuckets T-Shirts

Just got mine (in blue) as a birthday gift…looks great!

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Putting tags on postings


Your board, your rules. I am happy to have a platform where I can interact with fellow Jayhawk fans…tags or no tags.

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testing something


I believe the NSA could do that…without your knowledge. 😄

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