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Recruiting Master Thread Part Deux

@BShark I clicked on this and couldn’t find anything but a picture "slideshow". Is there an actual interview? I’d like to hear what he has to say!

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Reality check from the land of Trust in Bill Self

@HighEliteMajor said:

Root for Gonzaga, or SC, or even Oregon … because if Roy gets another, our mountain is steeper. Though, if someone had to be King other than Self, I’m glad it might be Roy.

Right now, I have some strange man crush on Frank Martin. I’d be less perturbed if South Carolina won it. (Less perturbed since KU isn’t there…)

It wouldn’t kill me if Ol Roy won it again. He’s had nothing but great things to say about KU - I personally was ticked at him for about 5 years after he left, but hey - he did what was right for him and his family. I’m over it now. (I’d like him a lot more if he’d trash those God-awful checkered jackets… :-1: )

There is no scenario on earth that permits me to root for Oregon or Gonzaga. That’s all I’ll say.

As my sweet (female) friend who lives in South Carolina loves to say - GO 'COCKS!!

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@wissox Great so you were the reason they sold that 1 season ticket last season.

Just south of the Canadian border about 4-5 miles as the crow flies. Whitlash MT. Only way to get here is on dirt roads. Lothair is the closet town to me.

Retired up here. It’s not for everybody but I completely enjoy it. Spent 17 years in Wyoming before that.

Enjoy the fishing, hunting and just watching the wildlife.

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KU Players Leaving/Staying Tracker


I was basing on foot speed and lateral movement alone, not how he did as a defender in that situation. There aren’t enough college PGs that will attack a big off a PnR for him to get meaningful reps in college in that type of situation defensively. Because of that, I don’t know that we can really determine his defensive ability at the next level while he’s still in college.

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Kansas is Still Loaded: Breaking Down Jayhawks' 2017-18 Roster

I needed an article like this to brighten my spirits. The loss over the weekend was tough and it has been super gray in Chicago for the last 6 or 7 days which has added to a state of being a bit depressed!

This little article reminds me how the tournament is not everything for me. It is a big part of the equation as it is for all fans and I am always really bummed when we lose (88 and 2008 being the exceptions in my lifetime) but life as a KU basketball fan goes on. I love the recruiting discussion. I love the “who will play where and with who” discussion. I love the fact that we will be a different kind of team with Doke next year. It is all part of the fun of being lucky enough to be a fan of a special program like KU. Above all I just love the memories that KU provided me as a child, student and now father of Jayhawk fans. The since of community that KU basketball has given me will always be be a higher high for me than the lows of our tournament woes.

Rock Chalk.

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2017 Spring Game Saturday April 15 at 1 PM

Now that spring break is almost over, the squad will get back to spring practice. Finally, we will get some news from the Lawrence Journal World about spring ball. I really enjoyed the first reports by Benton Smith and Tom Keegan. I’m keeping Saturday, April 15 open for a trip to Lawrence.

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The ACC wishes their teams had performed to seed expectations so far.

That’s the thing about the tournament. Because upsets happen, performing to seed is a pretty good accomplishment.

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Let the firings begin

@Crimsonorblue22 I’d hope not.

I’ve got the chance to meet a lot of coaches in the 15 years I coached HS ball. I got to meet Coach Self at a coaching clinic in 2006. Was brief but he is a great person. He shook hands with people and talked with us lonely HS coaches just to see how we were doing. Listening to him talk Xs and Os was an amazing experience.

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Ha you think it's bad

UK has a lot of drunk tshirt fans.

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Sleazy and New Orleans Pelicans?

Six hundred wins and counting.

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KuBuckets T-Shirts

Just got mine (in blue) as a birthday gift…looks great!

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Answers to frequently asked questions.
Backyard DIY Tesla Transmitter Picks Up Signal from Near Future: KU National Champions!

This also is not a a prediction.

It is a fact.

It came directly from the future in a long wave energy redistribution over time experiment.

Other discoveries include:

North Korea will NOT be attacked kinetically, but rather cybernetically and no one will ever know if it really happened or not, because there will be no apparent effects from the attack and no apparent changes in the equilibrium strategies of all countries involved will ensue.

Trump Tower will be discovered to be a giant Tesla Transmitter erected based on blue prints found by a relative of President Trump who participated as a law enforcement official in the war time (WWII for whippers) confiscation of all Tesla papers found in his flat after his death.

The season one Super Car feeds available on You Tube starring string puppets Mike Mercury, Horatio Beeker and Professor Popkins operating out of Black Rock, Nevada, will be found to have decisively influenced earth artist Michael Heiser into his 30-year effort at creating the largest earth art work in the world a stone’s throw from the reputed Area 51. In turn it will be learned that artist Heiser himself has lodged a fascimilie of the original flying car–Super Car–in one of the Complex City’s many geometric and so pessimistically abstract concrete and earth structures. Further, it will be revealed that Complex City is in fact a realization of an alien blue print found at the Roswell crash site.

Once Complex City is open for visitors in three years, it will be discovered that the double decker hamburger was actually brought to earth by aliens and the blue prints for it were found in the Roswell crash, too.

It will also be learned that the combines space agencies of the world–the consortium engaged in a super secret interplanetary space program for the last two decades–will be used to launch a fake mission to Mars to be filmed on Devon Island. It will be loosely based on the recent Matt Damon hit about an astronaut stranded on Mars and will be used to keep the public distracted from the Deep State’s “secret space program.” The famed black not for profit 501.c3 “Dark Donations” is seeking blood money donations from narco cartels and public and private intelligence organizations to fund the fake Mars mission.

All these things will be learned because, I, jaybate 1.0, took self-realization seriously, and entered the DIY phase of my life with vigor and the will to build my own private, backyard Tesla Tower. Neighbors have been a little angry about view shed impacts, as the tower stands 160 stories high over a subdivision of ranch houses, but most neighbors understand that in the post truth era, DIY is the new path to happiness and inner peace.

(Note: all fiction. No malice.)

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Putting tags on postings


Your board, your rules. I am happy to have a platform where I can interact with fellow Jayhawk fans…tags or no tags.

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testing something


I believe the NSA could do that…without your knowledge. 😄

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Kansas City Royals / Other MLB
Starting Pitching

I think this is what defines our season. Did Dayton do enough with our rotation to make the playoffs? And to be frank, it really comes down to how durable Vargas is and how effective Karns can be. Rolling out a guy who gives up 5 runs in 5 innings every 5th day isn’t going to cut it. Karns has to be a guy. Because Wood is going to end up in the rotation at some point this year. We aren’t getting 180 innings out of all 5 of those guys. And Karn’s Spring Training has been awful. Right in line with his ERA his entire career. I do think he has a future in the bullpen if he can’t hack it in the rotation. But he has to be a solid reliable guy this year.

Duffy 2-3 ERA Kennedy 3-4 ERA Hammel 3-4 ERA Vargas 3.5-4.5 ERA Karns 6-7 ERA

With our current roster, I think we will score some runs and still play well above average defense while we are at it. We have GG level fielders at 6 positions still. So, it really comes down to this. Can Duffy repeat his efforts last year, can Kennedy or Hammel be around a 2.8 ERA as well, and most importantly, can Karns not suck? If those things happen, we give ourselves a chance to win every single day. And I don’t see how we don’t make the playoffs. But, if two of those things don’t happen, it could make for some tough decisions in July.

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@Crimsonorblue22 yea read the link @BShark posted. He can’t keep up what he has done. But, if he can hit .250 with 10-12 HR and 30+ SB he would 100% be the best option at that spot.

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