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Duke: America's Rent-a-Team? Was Bo Right?


Really enjoyed your read and @HighEliteMajor , too.

I’ve felt all along that the Mayor’s departure for the NBA actually hurt Kansas the most. He represented the offensive “bright light” in our conference and I felt that eventually he would influence Self enough to change philosophies to a match up style offense over the rigid form of a hi/lo or what we have now (hi/lo hybrid).

Gosh… if Self considers adding in just a few match up options in his current hi/lo hybrid, he can have the most-effective offense in the country (the way I see it with my crimson/blue goggles).

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Marcus Lee withdraws from draft, transferring from Kentucky

@drgnslayr Excellent points!

I always thought Lee played decent, at least against KU. Also thought he was a 7-footer, the article I read at the other site said he was 6’-9". He certainly would be a great body for our guys to practice against. I’d rather have him on the team than have a scholarship go unused.

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Marcus Lee

@Crimsonorblue22 They can sit a year and declare, but I don’t see why that would help anyone. They’re another year older and have even less exposure/chance to show improvement. Unless 2017 turns out to be a really weak draft year, which I don’t think will be the case.

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UCLA Leaving Adidas for Under Armour

@drgnslayr said:

They avoid taxation illegally, surviving on laundered cash moneys and using black money slush funds to grease the wheels of politicians and organizations. They even use mafia-style strong-arm techniques for control purposes.

If this is accurate, then we should be seeing some government shakedowns of UA soon as they are rising fast as the athletic gear choice of millennials. And they have publicly made no bones about gunning for Nike in trying to achieve supremacy in the athletic gear market.

@VailHawk the time to invest in UA was a couple of years ago - especially before the Curry deal.

And I can’t recall if I linked to the article from this site thanks to one of our Bucketheads or another, but this article discusses how UA snagged Curry. It’s kind of long, but a hell of a read.

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Baylor has fired Art Briles

Ya I’m guessing he knew what was going on and didn’t report it. Kinda makes KU look stupid for firing MM for poking a player.

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Predictions on KU football anyone??

I fully expect this year’s team to improve in all areas and win at least 3 games. It’s the improvement that I’ll focus on, rather than our team not being selected for the playoffs. With last year’s 10 games of experience, I expect a healthy Ryan Willis to increase his passing offense and more than double the number of TDs scored from a team total of 24 TDs last year to a least 50 in 2016.

As a freshman, Willis was 6th in passing offense in the league with 172 yds. per game. With this year’s more talented and experienced receivers and a much improved offensive line, these guys are going to stay on the field longer and score more points. Just staying on the field longer will greatly help the defense and keep us in more games.

I’m really looking forward to at least one big 12 upset that will propel us forward in 2017. Just like our win over W. Virginia a couple of years ago, this young team is going to surprise and beat some B12 opponents.

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Royals vs Twins -- Game 1

@globaljaybird awesome! Congrats and enjoy, you deserve some free time.

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Royals vs Twins -- Game 2

@brooksmd guess you were wrong about the bad feeling, unless it was about me losing power

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Sleazy and New Orleans Pelicans?

@jaybate-1.0, you were wrong. Best regards, jaybate 1.0

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KuBuckets T-Shirts

Just got mine (in blue) as a birthday gift…looks great!

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Ugly Christmas sweaters

This place doesn’t have any sweaters. They have them in stock at one of the Rally houses in Olathe I visited if you still want one @tubertigertank

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Tips for the New KU Buckets site

@approxinfinity Great work, Thank You.

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Images not loading

@benshawks08 Here are a couple of ideas for Windows 7, Int Explorer 11: Check your browser settings and see if you have disabled something for security protection. (Maybe check your firewall to see if it is blocking things, or your AV program. Might need to identify a Trusted site or something.) In Explorer you have to quit it completely and restart it if you make changes. Have you upgraded to the latest Java update? (Don’t agree to any toolbars you don’t want in this process, by the way.) Finally, does the page load otherwise ok but with only markers for the pictures? Or does it say something about certain things not loading? I know nothing about Firefox. (Actually, I just use my phone for the Board, but all the thing discussed above have helped with other sites.)

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YECH! Site outage.

@approxinfinity Beware of ISIS hackers…This - - is a top story & very interesting article from the MSN homepage today. Should this ever come to fruition the results could be catastrophic.

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