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My take away from this game

@jaybate-1.0 are you seeing a dr? Pulmonoligist? You better be! I’m not sure about LL. Seems like I read he played ball in japan. Thinking his dad would make sure he was playing.

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Landon Lucas, Konichiwa


Two good captures, lump.

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This Is When Jamari Having Lived in the Streets Matters to KU Basketball

@approxinfinity I think he likes Peyton manning, couldn’t understand it though, you?

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KU - West Virginia thread

I think they found their second wind.

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We used to play D like that


It’s fun for sure, but winning doing what we did is more fun.

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Signing Day 2016

@justanotherfan KU did flip 2 Free State kids late in the process. One is a scholarship kid and the other is a going to be a preferred walk on. This staff is making progress on in state kids, but it will not be an overnight process no matter how much you complain about a lack of signings. A lack of signings does not equate to a lack of effort on Beaty and KU’s end. KU had offers out to 11 of the top 15 in state players according to 24/7. Of the 4 they didn’t offer, two of them were early KSU commits, one is the QB from Mt. Carmel in Wichita who doesn’t have any FBS offers and the other one is a TE which isn’t a position of prominence in the Air Raid.

Beaty will not right the ship overnight, but he understands what it takes to build those relationships and that’s exactly what he’s doing now. He’s laying the ground work for future success in landing local talent.

@brooksmd The reason Clemson was able to land two kids from Kansas is because of Brent Venables. Venables was the long time DC at OU under Stoops and so he’s very familiar with the area and using his ties to bring talent to a national title contender. I don’t blame either kid for going to chase a national title which wouldn’t happen at KU or KSU in their time at college.

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Kansas Football Recruiting and Coaching Change

@Crimsonorblue22 Clearly we were the only one’s with faith…


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Person going "wooooooo" in a high pitched scream below the booth at the Superbowl


Talib has been in plenty of trouble, serious trouble throughout his NFL career.

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That would be a wise move…

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Sleazy and New Orleans Pelicans?

to et al,

Cal want to go show in worst way, anyway. No mo advantage in talent no mo in D1 mean short shelf life at Kaintuck.

Cal no go show, because show no want Cal.


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KuBuckets T-Shirts

Just got mine (in blue) as a birthday gift…looks great!

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YECH! Site outage.

@approxinfinity Beware of ISIS hackers…This - - is a top story & very interesting article from the MSN homepage today. Should this ever come to fruition the results could be catastrophic.

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Chinese Spam

@MoonwalkMafia Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Arapahoe, Deutsch, Spanish… it doesn’t matter. I can’t read it, nor do I care to, but I’d sure like to delete it!

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