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Diallo gets deal


Selby was the MVP, which got him invited to camp and eventually signed by Memphis. From there he went to the D League to work on playing PG. He got traded to Cleveland and sent back to the D League to work on playing PG. His issue has been that he hasn’t developed (or at the time, hadn’t developed) his PG skills. He can still score, but teams aren’t looking for him to be Kyrie Irving (a guy that Selby bested when the two were in HS). They are looking for a PG that can run the show while the starter rests.

Selby hasn’t adapted to that.

@MR11 Simmons did play finally, but he sat out the first couple games. You wouldn’t see that from a team with a guy they weren’t absolutely sure would make their roster, especially since Simmons was completely healthy.

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I look at all the realignments as total knee jerk reactions.

This has become a recent trend in our country in other areas, too, like politics.

The days of well-planned, strategic actions are over. There is ZERO patience.

There will be a price paid for being reactive. The Big 12 was, at first, asleep to the realignment situation and then lost schools, then they REACTED out of desperation.

The REAL PROBLEM of the Big 12 was the part about being asleep when all of this started happening. The REAL ANSWERS now is not to panic and be REACTIVE. The Big 12 always gives the appearance of desperation.

If we start adding teams that don’t make sense, we will lose more of our original pieces… like OSU and OU. That would be beyond tragic. As we freely add teams, we always risk losing some of our original pieces because adding new teams dilutes our historic identity more. We have to consider teams like OU and OSU… why would they stay if the SEC comes a calling?

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize how this can all get out of hand really quickly. Imagine if we pickup UH and another team, then lose OU and OSU. Who are we? The “Big 12?” Look at all the ties we cut with the loss of OU and OSU?

I’m sorry… I just don’t see an advantage adding another Texas team. I just don’t. We have too many Texas schools now. We are heading towards changing the Big 12 to “The Texas Conference.” Why not call it like it is.

We are shortsighted in all of this. At some point, Texas politics are going to reach deep into this and it won’t be pretty. Kansas who? We will have no say in what happens. None. The State of Texas will determine the direction of the Big 12. It just will. And mind you, this is the State where there is a growing popularity for it to secede from the union. Sounds crazy perhaps from us Kansans. But the mentality is different in Texas. Look at how horrible our politics have become this election cycle. Who out there is satisfied with our federal government? What would happen to the Big 12 if Texas withdrew from our country 10 years from now? I’m not making this my main argument… but just pointing to a situation where the Big 12 will lose too much power by being too invested in the State of Texas.

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Its Time for KU to Join the NBA

Jumping our season to 80+ games? We have enough problem getting our guys properly motivated for 40 games!

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Svi, revisited

@Jayhawkfantoo was right - the kid needs serious work with his shot. I wish he had stayed in Lawrence, and practiced with the team. I think Euro ball might have something to do with the putrid shooting, however. He wouldn’t have shot that bad for us because he wouldn’t be on the floor with those numbers.

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2020 Olympics Basketball

@REHawk I had hoped maybe you knew something I didn’t! Oh well…on the other hand, I don’t know if Embiid’s NBA team would ever let him play, assuming he is still (finally?) playing NBA games

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Rhode Island-Sept. 3; Ohio U-Sept. 10

@stoptheflop I agree, thank god for stub hub. I think the last game I went to vs ISU I paid $15 for 5th row section ten. But its sad that I can buy GA tickets for basketball as cheap as I can for a football team that went 0-12. Lowering prices would help get a few thousand more each game with would make more money. I honestly wish I wasn’t two and a half hours from Lawrence season tickets are only $150 for the family zone i believe. Just longer than I want to drive more than a couple of times a year.

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2017 Kansas Recruiting

DB Akayleb Evans has decommited from KU and given an oral commitment to Tulsa. Sounds like the depth at DB already on the roster and the two other DB’s in this class are why he decommitted from KU. Definitely not the most common reason to lose a recruit in football at Kansas and maybe not a bad sign about the future that a 3 star DB from the Dallas area thought there was too much competition on the roster for him.

Evans leaving brings KU’s class back down to 11 commitments at the moment.

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Rangers vs Royals -- Game 2

@globaljaybird Maybe we can pay somebody to take Ace too.

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Rangers vs Royals -- Game 1

@brooksmd GN guys, on da rebound…

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Sleazy and New Orleans Pelicans?

@jaybate-1.0, you were wrong. Best regards, jaybate 1.0

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KuBuckets T-Shirts

Just got mine (in blue) as a birthday gift…looks great!

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Ugly Christmas sweaters

This place doesn’t have any sweaters. They have them in stock at one of the Rally houses in Olathe I visited if you still want one @tubertigertank

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Tips for the New KU Buckets site

@approxinfinity Great work, Thank You.

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Images not loading

@benshawks08 Here are a couple of ideas for Windows 7, Int Explorer 11: Check your browser settings and see if you have disabled something for security protection. (Maybe check your firewall to see if it is blocking things, or your AV program. Might need to identify a Trusted site or something.) In Explorer you have to quit it completely and restart it if you make changes. Have you upgraded to the latest Java update? (Don’t agree to any toolbars you don’t want in this process, by the way.) Finally, does the page load otherwise ok but with only markers for the pictures? Or does it say something about certain things not loading? I know nothing about Firefox. (Actually, I just use my phone for the Board, but all the thing discussed above have helped with other sites.)

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YECH! Site outage.

@approxinfinity Beware of ISIS hackers…This - - is a top story & very interesting article from the MSN homepage today. Should this ever come to fruition the results could be catastrophic.

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