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Not uncommon, but also not without problems. All of the guys listed below your comment (Teahan, Morningstar, Moody, Nooner) were in much the same spot as Young is now - very good high school players, but not really skilled enough to be rotation level players.

If a guy is a walk on, chances are it is because he has some limits on his game. Young’s limits are that while he is skilled around the bucket with some ability to step away from the basket, he is, in a lot of ways, a 6-5 Perry Ellis with a little bit less overall polish.

That’s not a knock, but if Perry is an undersized 4, what does that make Young. He is a very useful player at the juco level and could potentially have been a good player at the low major or D2 level.

He just doesn’t have the size to be that at KU, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be a great contributor as a walk on, and that shouldn’t diminish his experience as a KU player. He gets to live the dream of putting that Kansas across his chest and running into a packed Fieldhouse. Very few people have the basketball skills to come anywhere close to that, and for that alone, he should be commended.

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just misc- - -recruits

will visit Alabama this weekend, according to Eric Bossi of “He’ll likely follow that up with a trip to Kansas.

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Adidas Post Game Thoughts.


When Gabriel gets an offer from Duke I bet that becomes the one thing that pushes his recruitment that way. Usually if you grow up a Duke fan and then they offer you, your not turning it down. I’m glad he at least has interest in KU but I’m thinking no matter how crowded a front-court they have he will go there. Giles is in the bag for them, so is Frank Jackson.

If we can get him to Late Night or in for a visit around a decent game that could help us. We don’t have a lot of post targets at the moment that we logically have a chance with. And this kid is still improving so maybe he’s like T-Rob on the high school circuit where he came out of nowhere and KU locked in on him. I also wonder how much he will remember the other schools that were recruiting him before he shoots up the rankings any-day now.

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Blog link found on Diallo eligibility concerns.

Do you think, secretly, Mickelson is rooting for ineligibility here?

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Svina Coladas or Graham Crackers?

I really want to say Svina Colada because I think he’ll be the more productive player overall, and is probably the bigger individual talent. But individual talent only gets you so far. A lot has been made of the shift of Selden from the 2 to the 3 spot, but I find the idea that he played better at the WUG games because he was (nominally) the small forward funny because the truth of the matter is, in Self’s offense, there is no distinction between the wings. They run the same cuts, they get the same plays, they have the responsibilities. I think the difference, though, is that when you have a better ball handler than Selden to compliment Mason (and contrary to what some have argued, Selden isn’t terrible, just not as good as some other options), the offense flows better. So unless Svi is truly enough of a better secondary handler than Selden, I think things will work better with Graham in the rotation than Svi.

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Jayhawk Sports News Feeds From Various Sources

Price takin a 3 hitter to the 8th-Jays are for real with him in the rotation…

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Kelly Oubre - Draft Combine Interview


Good fit for Paul, particularly withe Coach Rivers, knowing what he can do and actively wanting him in San Diego. Interesting that a player that played the majority of his career with one team will likely end up playing the last 3 with 3 different teams…which goes to show that the NBA is first and most of all a business.

On a related note, Love signed a 5 year deal with the Cavaliers, instead of signing a 1 year deal and waiting for thr new cap that will raise the cap considerably. Now, what happens if LeBron decides to jump ship? I don’t think he will and if he re-ups with a long term contract, the Cavs will be a better version of Miami with big 3 and the team to beat for the foreseeable future.

On the Heard on ESPN they had a couple of interesting discussions about the Knicks and the Lakers. Apparently players do not want to go to New York and learn the Triangle since that system is no longer used by any other team and it is an anachronism in this day and age. The Knicks re now considered the worst franchise in the NBA and they could not even get Greg Monroe that signed with the Bucks. their top trade so far has been Aflalo…Aflalo? Are you kidding me?

LaMarcus Aldridge not impressed with the Lakers, particularly the analytic they use; I guess players are becoming more savvy about technology. The general opinion seems to be that the Lakers are no longer a prime destination and players like Durant can and do get as much exposure and endorsements from small markets such as OKC.

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New contract for Perez?

Salvy needs some days off from the beatin’ he gets, but not when hittin’ as hot as lil’ sister’s rear. He’s just really blistering the ball right now. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Dyson in the 9 spot for Rios either. Like @brooksmd says “Speed do alot…” & Alex is hittin like “Mendoza” since his DL stint. He’s pressing too hard & needs more time to get up to full throttle…JMO

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KU's STIGLER WINS NCAA 400 hurdles,

Stigler at ncaa

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@VailHawk I’ve never seen the Sopranos, but hopefully I’ll DVR The Voice or anything else all season long from now on. It’s kind of lame on my part and I should stick with it and watch the whole game, no matter how it’s going.

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Talk about Kansas University Football and Other Sports..
Jake Heaps

Jake Heaps: Broke a LOT of frosh records at BYU, but then the offense gets changed, so he sits…and thus the transfer.

Comes to KU for Weis’ pro-style offense, but as Dayne Crist found out the hard way: KU’s O-line and WR’s are simply unable to execute ANY type of effin’ offense. The same o-line and WR issues felled BOTH of KU’s former 5star overall #1 ranked QBs. Wrong place, wrong time.

A very sad chapter in KU football, with simply not enough talent around Dayne and Jake to allow them to shine. Our football program FAILED them in their final shot. Thanks, Lew!

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23 ranked KU softball team beats Lousville..


I hope our girls spank their girls…

The game will be streamed at 3:00 PM via the SEC/ESPN Network, for any one interested although it is currently on rain delay.

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Talk about whatever you want.
NBA World game

@jaybate-1.0 Flabbergasted by the power of the Marauder!! Taking an IED hit and driving away?? Bigger than a military HumVee??

Comparison: Marauder is to HumVee what 2014 Legendary Godzilla is to 1956 Toho Godzilla, or to 1998 hollywood Zilla.

Thats just awesome.

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Adidas making move$

That’s a lot of money to give a serial flopper. A free throw artist; he makes it an art to get to the line.

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KuBuckets T-Shirts

@DanR Glad to see these are still available. I want one but I have to wait a bit longer.

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Sleazy and New Orleans Pelicans?

The biggest reason why Cal isn’t going to NOLA is they won’t give him full control of the personnel on the team. Cleveland was interested in Cal last year, but Cal knew he had a special group coming back and wanted a shot at going undefeated. This year, Cal was legitimately interested in the NOLA job, but Benson wasn’t going to give Cal everything he wanted ($10 mil/year and control of roster) so Cal passed on the job. Someone will give Cal what he wants in the next couple of years and Cal will go back to the NBA within the next couple of years.

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Answers to frequently asked questions.
KU gets HALF of Big Monday Games on ESPN

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Tips for the New KU Buckets site

I added a News Feeds category and I pulled feeds from cjonline, kusports and wichita eagle, but only the cjonline one worked correctly. I’m reaching out to Gary Bedore about the kusports feed as I believe it should work with a small change on their end, and I’ll see what I can do about wichita eagle one. This should be a really nice way of pulling our news from other sites in real time without having to manually do it.

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Board Upgrade - Please Let Me Know If You See Weirdness


Looks like it can stay on its spots so far.

Rock Chalk!

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